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Originally Posted by CardsCardsCards View Post
If this is the phone:
HTC One V 4GB Black Virgin Mobile Smartphone Excellent Condition No Contract 821793026172 | eBay

and I'm assuming it is, then how did someone think that the phone would work on another network. The first thing I notice when reading the title was "Black-Virgin Mobile Smartphone." Non payers are always going to be a big issue and eBay should be allow sellers to neg and neutral their buyers. Dropping out of a deal is a neg on this site so why can't it be on eBay?
You are correct that's it. I mean it plainly says virgin mobile and CDMA in the auction. Now I'm out 3 days time and stuck with this guy that might try to leave me a neg.

I fully agree sellers should be able to leave negative feedback. or be able to put something there for people to know. I mean he even messaged me saying he isn't going to pay because he changed his mind.
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