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Originally Posted by DSizzle31 View Post
I agree and I think that's a problem. I watched Houdini's break and he could tell just from holding the box whether there was one slab or two. If he could do it, anyone who has handled any quantity of the product could as well. I bought my box from Blowout, and I'm assuming everything is on the up and up, but the guy who picked the box to ship to me probably knew it was a dud. That sucks.

Plus, when the two slab, dud boxes weigh more than the single slab, better boxes, what's to stop someone from buying a case, opening the lighter one slab boxes and selling the heavier dud boxes either on Ebay or back to Blowout?

All the boxes need to weigh the same or I wouldn't feel comfortable buying any more in the future.
probably not the greatest idea to hate on blowout on their own forum...
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