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Originally Posted by TNVols98 View Post
I sent an invoice after 2 hours. AN INVOICE. Which is not any form of communication but simply relaying him info on how to pay. Then I sent him a followup message giving him info on the payment and shipping. I guess good communication about that is considered harassment. I did not start to message him on the nonpayment issue until he started to seem flaky and ask about the phone being GSM model which I put was not. I do have the patients waiting out my payment terms and I did. Read the messages I relayed payment info to the guy via Invoice then did a followup email which I thought was good customer service. People on there complain all the time about no communication and I was dropping a message basically saying hey if you pay promptly then I will ship accordingly. I did not start to message him about the item not being paid until he asks about the phone being GSM and saying he doesn't know about phone carriers.
You may want to read what you wrote ten. It seems as though you sent him 2 invoices in a 5 hour period followed up by a message. All tis was prior to receiving any communication from the buyer. I am just responding to what you stated in your original post. If that is the case then I stand behind what I said. You said I have a right to my opinion. That's all it is.

Here is what you stated.

I waited 2 hours and then sent an invoice. Waited another 3 hours then sent another, still nothing. Then I send a message:

Dear oozzoomodeste,

please don't forget the payment is due within 24 hours of the auction ending. I will have it shipped out Monday when the payment is received. thank you for your purchase.

- vols8vegas6king5

By the way, I agree that buyers like this suck and that most do not bother reading a description, I too wish that sellers could leave negative feedback.
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