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Originally Posted by marino5084 View Post
You may want to read what you wrote ten. It seems as though you sent him 2 invoices in a 5 hour period followed up by a message. All tis was prior to receiving any communication from the buyer. I am just responding to what you stated in your original post. If that is the case then I stand behind what I said.

Here is what you stated.

I waited 2 hours and then sent an invoice. Waited another 3 hours then sent another, still nothing. Then I send a message:

Dear oozzoomodeste,

please don't forget the payment is due within 24 hours of the auction ending. I will have it shipped out Monday when the payment is received. thank you for your purchase.

- vols8vegas6king5
No offense but how is communication harassment in this regard? I sent 2 invoices to the guy. Just in case he might not have gotten the other. Then I do a followup message to the guy just giving him a heads up on when the item will be shipped out if the payment is sent in a timely manner. Im sorry but you dont have much logic here on accusing me of harassment.
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