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Originally Posted by DSizzle31 View Post
Never said that. Houdini wasn't weighing the boxes. He could tell by holding it whether it had one or two slabs. I'm not saying that Blowout fished out a crappy box specifically for me. I'm saying that if the guy handles a lot of this product, he can probably tell that one box weighs more than another and would thusly know whether it contains one slab or two.

I also said that my assumption is that Blowout is on the up and up.
They could also weigh every pack of 2010 Bowman redemption. The packs that weigh slightly more have a chrome card and thus an auto. Despite this
BO sent me a pack with a Harper auto. They are on the up and up. Not worth it to them to tarnish their reputation with the amount of wax that they move.
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