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Originally Posted by DSizzle31 View Post
So, I usually don't buy boxes that are hundreds of dollars. I usually talk my wife into a box of Draft and feel lucky when she's cool with it. However, this time I told her how it was the best odds to pull something great and even if you don't, you generally get a graded auto that is still pretty nice. She went along with it and now I wish she hadn't. I'd put this up against any other, non error packed, box for lowest resale value. It was box 264 of 500. Two non auto base chrome slabs. Here's the damage:

The last 3 Meadows 9.5s have averaged about $13.
The last 2 Darvish 9s have averaged $5 with the most recent one selling for $3.
The Melky Mesa sells for around $10.
The Hultzen might sell for a buck if I shipped it free.
The Trout might sell for $2 on a great day.

All in all, it'd be tough to sell my wife on another $200 box of cards when my return was right around $30. Oh well, swing and a miss.

This is the part that bothers me a little. I remember reading in another thread that this product is good because (and i'm paraphrasing here) you could put a bad box of this against any other high end product, and see better results. From what I can tell, this has the resale value of a bad box of Triple Threads, and to boot, only one auto. Plus, no numbered cards as well.

I get that their are two huge winner boxes of this stuff around somewhere with the supers in it, and im sure a handful of other boxes around with great hits, but for boxes like this, it makes it still hard to justify the 200+ one of these boxes is. I was going to buy one, but I'm even more on the fence now, because it sounds so easy to tell which boxes have one slab, and which have 2. Not to mention, there is probably 15 dollars resale there after fees and shipping.
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