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what I like about this story is it makes these sites more valuable in our Card world ,
it will also slow down and hopefully stop the lowballing and I want beiow ebay crap lol back to your issue , what can you say or do about Ebay lol , you even said ti yourself you knew it wouldn't go well even before you put the phone up on Ebay , then you message your lone bidder 3 hours after the auction ends ??? little pushy dont you think ,
when I get those reminder messages to soon from auctions I have won and I bid sometimes when the item is newly listed with my max bid so sometimes I forget I won something , but when I do get the immediate message , I purposely make the seller wait for being impatient , give it 24 hours until you send the first message ,you might get better response than make buyers feel like they are being harassed right away , pay pay pay I need the payment now lol
but yeah one message 3 hours after auction end and then another 5 hours later , are you OK lol
Give people a chance first before you jump on them and even if he did make a mistake , how come not once did you offer a choice of paying the fees to cancel the winning bid
you might of been able to avoid all of it and get you fees paid and relist the phone no problem , think about that
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