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Originally Posted by DSizzle31 View Post
Just FYI, and this isn't a direct response to you, but I was going to post my results good, bad, or indifferent. I obviously was hoping to post that I hit a great card but that's not what happened.

If you look through my post history, I have been excited about PR. I knew it was a gamble and was ok with it. I have bought plenty of 2012 draft with a Bruce Maxwell/ Mitch Nay base auto. Loser boxes happen in every product. However, I didn't think it was possible for a box to be THIS bad from this product. A base Meadows is ok but a Darvish BGS 9 is terrible. Like I said, the last one sold on Ebay for $3. I know that technically I got 2 slabs but is a $3 slab really a slab? Not in my opinion...

I still like the idea of Prospect Rush but I won't be buying any more. Getting burned on a $200+ box is a lot tougher for me than a $80 box.
I was mainly responding to the people who have previously accused PR of purposely screwing over consumers..

As I stated above as well - this was a HUGE miss.

I agree the Darvish is pretty much filler. This reminds me of some of the boxes of Leaf Best of Baseball. Your main hit is a HOF auto that's graded 8.5.


I guess there is just a group of people who constantly bash this product because it's a small business with ties to Blowout Cards.
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