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I'm in no way trying to bash nor defend this product nor Topps for that matter. When you are talking Topps though, you are talking about a company who has been manufacturing sports cards for over 60 years as well as other ventures we all know about. With Prospect Rush, obviously it his first product line and the manufacturer is an obvious collector who knows the value of every card being packaged at the time of packaging. To compare them in any way, shape, or form to Topps is a total injustice to a major manufacturer. As has been stated already by other members, in my opinion, this is simply a form of grab bags based on the fact the manufacturer is a collector as well. There will be big hits as have been discussed and proven, there will be big losses as have been proven as well, but lets not compare them to Topps, lets face it, he's buying up Topps manufactured cards to put into this product! That said, have I bought any, no I have not but I don't buy a lot of wax anymore. If I had a couple hundred dollars burning a hole in my pocket and I had my choice of this or a couple boxes of draft and go home with $40-50 still. I'm probably taking the draft, but that's just me. Let me also add, I would make the same choice if faced with a Leaf Best of anything product as well.

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