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Originally Posted by gomiamigo View Post
I disagree, there's no reason to allow that sort of gaming of the system. It has nothing to do with wanting to buy A.Gonzo cards or not.

I think it is a huge error if they allow this to happen. JMHO.
COMC has to allow for someone to name a higher price than BV simply because some patches are WAY nicer than others. I know that if I have a nice patch on a card, I list it for a higher value. If I don't, it's the first one to sell, so obviously it's worth at least a little more than the others.

Furthermore, I keep hearing everyone say that Beckett doesn't list the true value of cards. I disagree because I think they do a good job, but to those of you that agree, how can you say that a card with a BV of $2 might not really be worth $10?

I would like to see non-sports cards added to the site too, but I would more so like to see Beckett start listing them in a price guide. That would make it easier for COMC to add them to their site.
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