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Originally Posted by ricefan77 View Post
That's too bad you can't get the ultimate, great product. On card autos, all HOF or quality players, most patch cards are amazing to unreal, not many redemptions. Makes sportkings look like a joke.
The only joke is on upper deck customers. SK would never stoop to the levels of upper deck.

To quote your qualities you listed above:

- "on-card autos"...SK has 100% on-card autos.

- "all HOF or quality players"...Those are the only types of sports figures SK includes. The best of the best.

- "most patch cards are amazing to unreal"...I haven't seen them all, but SK does a great job in this category WITHOUT violating any contracts, licenses or laws.

- "not many redemptions"...SK has ZERO redemptions for cards that should have made it into the product. Upper deck has not and will not compete with SK in this regard. Talk about a joke!

Do you have any more uninformed comments you'd like to make?
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