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Originally Posted by ricefan77 View Post
I don't even like Upper Deck, but Ultimate is a nice product. Why should I think that Sportkings is any better or has more integrity or authentic products??? because mwheeler says so??? who are you? your ears ring everytime sportkings get mentioned like you get a dime everytime you post in a thread from them or something.
To my knowledge, SK has never been found guilty of counterfeiting, never been sued by the MLB, never cheated their customers with redemptions they couldn't fulfill, etc., etc. The list goes on and on and on, all of which upper deck has been proven to do.

Why would anyone choose a company that has a proven track record of criminal and horribly unethical actions over a company that has done nothing of the sort? The very, very few times SK has placed memorabilia pieces on cards that were not worn by the player on the card, they clearly stated so on the card. They have never hid anything from their customers to my knowledge. *

Don't ever do something because I say so. Do it because you feel it's what's right. Do it because common sense tells you you should.

* A Lennox Lewis card has a piece of a corner man's jacket that was worn during a Lewis fight and was clearly noted on the back. There is another similar example with a John Wooden card.
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