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Originally Posted by romad97 View Post
Every card company makes something worth while. While I agree that UD isn't the best, they do make stuff here and there that is quite nice, same with Topps and Donruss and the list goes on and on. Why single any one of them out. Collect what appeals to you and leave the rest alone. I think it is rediculous to just flat out claim that a company makes absolutely nothing worth while. Just check the boards, theres always someone raving about a new product and low and behold that product is quite often an UD product.
I have never heard anyone say a company makes "nothing worth while".

It's easy to make something worth while when you are doing it illegally. Yu!-Gi!-Oh! has a following and sells well. If you're a crook, why not counterfeit their cards for profit?

The MLB logos are collectible. Countless people have said they will only buy cards with logos on them. If you're a crook, why not use logos on your cards when you are contractually obligated NOT to?

Money is king in a "for-profit" business. If you're a proven crook who owes millions and millions of dollars, why use authentic, game-used memorabilia in your cards when the lemmings won't know the difference anyway?
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