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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
I have never heard anyone say a company makes "nothing worth while".

It's easy to make something worth while when you are doing it illegally. Yu!-Gi!-Oh! has a following and sells well. If you're a crook, why not counterfeit their cards for profit?

The MLB logos are collectible. Countless people have said they will only buy cards with logos on them. If you're a crook, why not use logos on your cards when you are contractually obligated NOT to?

Money is king in a "for-profit" business. If you're a proven crook who owes millions and millions of dollars, why use authentic, game-used memorabilia in your cards when the lemmings won't know the difference anyway?
Makes me wonder if those Ultimate Patches could be fake then, as astonishing as they are.
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