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Originally Posted by BKenney View Post
I don't understand how Upperdeck is still in business. I know artists that worked for them doing sketch cards for the Marvel Masterpieces products who weren't paid for over 6 months past the agreed upon payment date. It's a poorly run company with very poor business ethics.
I forgot about this part of their unethical business practices. I know from first hand accounts of people not getting paid when they are supposed to for work they did for upper deck. In fact, of the cases I know about, upper deck asked AFTER THE FACT if it was alright to pay them in product instead of cash. WHAT? No wonder they want to pay them with sealed product when they counterfeit cards.

Upper deck seriously needs to go down. Someone needs to put them out of business. They have a terrible BBB rating. Add that to all the proven unethical and illegal activities, and some government or legal entity should shut them down!

Where is the cease and desist order? Shouldn't someone protect those collectors that don't pay attention to online forums and legals documents?
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