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Originally Posted by JAMmedia View Post
Here's a scan of the seaver jersey card from Ultimate.


The piece is from the racing stripe on the jersey. I looked at the pattern of the material and compared it to the jerseys from my collection (I own one of every authentic on-field jersey the Mets have had). Seaver played for the Mets again for one season - 1983. That was the first year for the racing stripe on the Mets uniforms...however, the pattern doesn't match the '83 jersey by Rawlings or CCM (both supplied uniforms to the team until Russell got the contract in late '90). It matches the '91 racing stripe from Russell. This jersey was the same, however, it was made of a thicker polyester and was a button-down jersey as opposed to the pullover style of the '83-'90 jerseys. Not only were the pinstripes different, so were the racing stripes. So I personally have my doubts....
Could that 'patch' be from the design around the sleeves of that old-style White Sox jersey?
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