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Originally Posted by davebo View Post
I'd say all companies have done it before.
You might be right. Only a few know for sure I suppose. In any case, I hope it all comes out eventually.

Originally Posted by davebo View Post
Why are people just now starting to question the authenticity of these jerseys? Did it never cross your mind before that when they are all white swatches they can come from any jersey or any player? Come on. You just take their word for it? I don't believe it at all. But hey, what we don't know won't hurt us right? Just because it says it comes from a certain game you believe them 100%? You guys put a lot of trust in someone trying to make a dime off of you. This is a shady business and has been for awhile.
Perhaps it's because people aren't afraid of pointing out the truth anymore or the ridicule that comes along with it.

Not everyone is out to cheat others. It's okay to "want" to trust someone. It's also okay to believe in someone or something until you are proven wrong about them.
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