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Originally Posted by davebo View Post
I agree with what you say Matt. My biggest problem with all of this is that when you start digging more and more, you aren't in this for the enjoyment of the hobby. Evryone should just enjoy it and not get so up in arms about it. That's what this hobby is about. If not, then people are wasting their time worrying about the authenticity of game used jerseys. Spend that time worrying about more important things in life.

I't's like going to a Brittany Spears concert and she lip syncs. Did you enjoy the show she put on? If so, who cares if she lip syncs. Enjoy it. Don't always break it down to find a flaw. It's a waste of time.
I completely disagree with this 100%. If I enjoy my job, I don't want to get paid with counterfeit U.S. currency. I want the real thing. When I buy cards, game-used or not, I want them to be real without question.

I think people need to dig into this topic more and more until these companies do things right. We are the end-users. They should feel the need to make what we want. We need to take a stand, and the hobby will be a LOT more enjoyable. At least that's how I see it.
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