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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
I completely disagree with this 100%. If I enjoy my job, I don't want to get paid with counterfeit U.S. currency. I want the real thing. When I buy cards, game-used or not, I want them to be real without question.

I think people need to dig into this topic more and more until these companies do things right. We are the end-users. They should feel the need to make what we want. We need to take a stand, and the hobby will be a LOT more enjoyable. At least that's how I see it.
I agree with Wheeler here, this is no poor mans hobby any more. Serious collectors realize that it can take a big chunk of your salary to stick with it. I work dam hard for my money and I want to know what I'm getting when I fork over about 5% of my income each year. If these companies are deceiving their customers, they should burn just like any company caught cheating the market on wallstreet.......oh wait, I guess they can do whatever they want.
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