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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
Thanks Marino. I am doing something about it. This forum is read by a lot of people, and those people are starting to see what upper deck is truly about. This is a good characteristic of online forums...spreading the word, whatever that may be and educating members.

Attacking upper deck is warranted. They have brought it upon themselves. Attacking members for their opinions is rarely if ever warranted. Disagreeing is always fine and should be expressed in order to hear both sides of the story. I was hoping upper deck would change their ways after the whole Konami deal, but instead, they trun right around and fraud the MLB. I don't think there's any end to what lengths upper deck will go to in order to cheat someone, (end result being collectors), to make a buck, let alone millions and millions of them.
No problem Matt. I agree it has brought quite a bit of attention to the under handed actions of Upper Deck to collectors here on the forum. Actually doing something about it is what has to be done. Apparently Dick has quite the ego and a God complex and feels he can do no wrong. At some point his money, lawyers and luck will run out.
But his name is
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