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Originally Posted by marino5084 View Post
No problem Matt. I agree it has brought quite a bit of attention to the under handed actions of Upper Deck to collectors here on the forum. Actually doing something about it is what has to be done. Apparently Dick has quite the ego and a God complex and feels he can do no wrong. At some point his money, lawyers and luck will run out.
I agree and think more is being done than we know.

It wasn't 10-15 years ago when they lost all those major licensing agreements. It wasn't 10-15 years ago that they lost a large, multi-million dollar lawsuit to Konami. They may have treated MLB wrong in the past, but probably never as blatantly as they did this month. People are starting to do something about upper deck.

(I say most of this in reference to the post below).

Originally Posted by davebo View Post
Upper Deck has been about this for 10-15 years. It's really nothing new. So who is starting to just now see what it is all about?
Lots and lots of new collectors. That's who.

I would imagine the blood line of upper deck is starting to realize they are backing a company destined for the bottom of the ocean. Their ship is sinking. Can they repair it fast enough or are the holes too big?
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