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Originally Posted by BAMBAM View Post
Don't be a jackass Matt. Huge difference between a card with a questionable jersey swatch and a drug dealer. If you see those as similar problems then you have some problems of your own.
The concept is very similar. No need to call names because someone else can come up with analogies in this forum.

What upper deck has done has been proven as criminal activity, and they have been punished. They pleaded the 5th hoping to avoid jail time. People still support them. Drug dealers are committing crimes as well, yet people support them. If others don't take a stand against the drug dealers, they will continue committing crimes. This upper deck problem is no different in this respect. If Konami, MLB and collectors do nothing about it, unsuspecting customers and others will continue to support counterfeiting and other criminal activity.

Seriously Bambam, name calling? I thought you were above that.
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