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Originally Posted by BAMBAM View Post
Your analogy wasn't even close. You can't seriously be comparing drugs to cards ? is anyone going to die because UD put a non-game used swatch in a card ? If you post something that stupid then yeah I'll call you a jackass Matt. If you're offended then good, don't post something that stupid next time.
I wasn't comparing drugs to cards. I was comparing criminal activities in general. You're smart enough to know the difference. Thanks for the trip back to 3rd grade with your name calling. Makes me laugh. It doesn't offend me.

Originally Posted by BAMBAM View Post
Are you going to keep trying to spin your stupid analogy Matt ? So then they are basically hypocrites like yourself who was crying about someone backing out on a case of 93 SP Baseball that you were trying to purchase off of fleabay. In case you didn't know SP Baseball is a product of the liars and thieves at Upper Deck that you can't stand.
Am I still supporting Piedmont when I buy T-206 cards with their name on the back? Upper deck does not have that 93 SP case in their possession. I was not paying upper deck. I know it's splitting hairs, and I have said that before, but it is not like I'm buying their current products. It was a product from over 15 years ago. I seriously don't consider that supporting them, but I can understand why others would.

Back to my question, am I supporting Piedmont by buying cards from 100 years ago with their name on the back? Am I supporting smoking by buying a Honus Wagner T-206 card?

Lastly, are we having this conversation on the playground in 3rd grade, or as adults in an online forum?
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