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Originally Posted by davebo View Post
There you go again. Just another example.

I get enjoyment out of getting you riled up Matt. I could care less about any of these issues because this is just a hobby. It shouldn't have to be dissected like you like to do. This hobby is for enjoyment and fun. It shouldn't be like work or anything related to work. I have a full-time job that does that.

As for my posts and the thought I put into them, the posts I make in these threads are for the sole purpose of seeing you continue to fight the good battle. It's actually has a lot of comedic value.
If this hobby is for enjoyment and fun, why do you suppose sellers on ebay continue to shill bid their own auctions when they know it's wrong? Do these sellers have full-time jobs or do they really need to shill bid their own auctions?

Do you find "comedic value" in this post?
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