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Originally Posted by davebo View Post
I'll give it the classic Wheeler try - I didn't shill bid my own card. I was merely pumping up my own auction and pleading for a $10 bid and someone gave it to me. Nobody had to do that. But I didn't shill bid it. Where do you see my name under the auction?

And it's all coming back to me now - you were on a business trip last August. Another classic spin on Matt's part so that he is able to say he ever lied about it.
Thanks for your response. I wasn't referring to any particular action you took, however, asking other people to bid on your auction because you said you mistakenly had it ending on Saturday night is a shill bidding attempt. If someone bid because you asked them to, it was shill bid. Is this the only time you have practiced such an act?

I take what I do very seriously. There is a business side of it and being at the National was considered part business and part pleasure. More pleasure than business, but business as well.

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