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Originally Posted by BAMBAM View Post
Thanks for the laugh. Threatened by you ? Hardly Matt because guys like you are a dime a dozen. You talk a good game but you don't practice what you preach. I admit I had you all wrong and I've had to eat humble pie with quite a few people.

Keep hanging on that one jackass comment because that's about all you have with this one. What's "in my nature" is calling a spade a spade. And yeah, since you missed it or chose to ignore it the first time, if you post something as asinine as you did then I'll call you out on it. If you read the post again, you'll notice I didn't say you're a jackass Matt, I said don't be a jackass Matt. If we're playing your game, using your logic, there's a huge difference so don't keep whining about something that wasn't there.
Let's see, I compared upper deck to drug dealers.

- upper deck was found guilty of counterfeiting...a criminal activity making them criminals by definition. We all know drug dealers are criminals.

- Cards can be addicting as evidenced by all the posts in this forum stating how addicting they are. People spend money on cards "to feed an addiction". The exact same thing can be said about drugs.

- People continue to support upper deck even though they know they have been charged and found guilty of criminal activity. The same can be said about people supporting drug dealers.

I think the similarities between the two are quite evident. I don't think you "want" to see it this way, and therefore called me a jacka$$. "Don't be a jacka$$" is the same thing as calling me one, and you know that.

Furthermore, I think comparing cards to drugs makes more sense than comparing cards to "smoking hot girlfriends". After all, cards and drugs are NOT living, breathing things. Smoking hot grilfriends are. I will admit I like Dave's post about the similarities.

Just admit it Bambam...drugs and cards, (upper deck and drug dealers), have similarities. Unless of course you want to deny the facts I just listed above. I too can "call a spade a spade". Perhaps that's why you don't like me now. Guys like me "are a dime a dozen" huh? Attackers in online forums are a lot cheaper to come by than a dime a dozen, and that too is fact.

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