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Originally Posted by DNOC View Post
Good thing I sold about a dozen VF/NM for $15 each, a few months back. Oh well...Who do you guys think BooBoo Stewart is playing? My money is on Forge. Way too scrawny for Warpath and I personally don't think they will use him as Sunfire as some people speculate as well. So far with casting/characters this movie is looking like it is going to blow big time.
yeah no faith in this at all, this cast is looking almost out of control, getting the stink of x-men last stand all over this project. trying to see how many mutants they can squeeze into this thing. first class worked well because they kept it small and tight. hopefully they prove us wrong and knock it out of the park, but i doubt it. and for chrissakes please put these guys in some f'ing real costumes already.
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