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Originally Posted by h4auto View Post
Wheeler. You made me aware that SK existed but guess why i dont collect it or never bought a SK card.

You have valid opinions and facts. But your "style" aint "cool" and many people that lurk probably dont collect SK because what you think helps SK is actually hurting SK.

Sometimes just be normal. Enjoy life.

Maybe if nothing is said of SK, i would seriously look in to what SK is about.

Wheeler, if you put this much effort in fighting for world peace and justice, this world would be a better place. Put SK in the back burner and use your relentless effort of promoting SK into a world peace campaign Then you would really solving problems that everyone could agree upon. <---- Serious.
If your so sick of him bringing it up, why did you have fire another shot over his bow? SK hasn't been brought up for a full page now in this thread. It was just starting to get back on topic. This could be a very informative thread about UD practices and authenticity of cards, just give it a rest!!
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