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I don't know what Prizm Basketball is but...Alexandria has a Hastings and there used to be a card shop across the 4 lane from Hastings. About a 40 minute trip.

I was told yesterday that there is a card shop in the shopping center by Dominoe's Pizza in Leesville. I haven't been to check it out. There used to be one on entrance road next to the McDonalds right outside the main gate. I think it is closed down, may be worth a look.

Other than that, Lake Charles has a pretty big shop call Paper Heroes. Or did last time I was down that way. It's less than two hours.

As for Ft Polk being a terrible duty station.... well it depends on what you are into. Ft Polk is just a couple hours away from some of the best duck hunting in the South, some say the U.S. And the same for one of the richest salt water fisheries in the U.S as well. Toledo Bend is a trophy lake for fresh water fishing. Not to mention all the rivers and other public lakes.

The TexasRenfest is a few hours drive as well. Lake Charles has Contraband Days coming up in May. A pirate themed festival. Its decent but not what it used to be. Classic car show, live bands, boat parade and they fire some cannons.
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