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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
To answer your question...Simply because people attack it. I'll move on when others move on. If people don't want to see me defend SK, then stop attacking it with ridiculous posts. I don't mind common sense attacks that are warranted. In fact, I want to learn how people truly feel. But to say ridiculous things that simply aren't true will lead to me setting the record straight.

I sincerely appreciate your post. Most people in online forums when attacked back down and either move on or simply disappear. I'm going to be different. I'm not going to give in to attackers. I have said it before, and I'll say it again...I won't discuss SK unless someone else brings it up. Bringing an end to the discussion will need to be a group effort, and hopefully that can be respected.
One thing is for sure...nobody can ever question your passion for SK. I very much enjoy the time I spend on the hobby and my collection but I don't think I would care enough to reply time and time again to others bashing my favorite cards or my favorite part of the hobby. I might reply once or twice with a sentence or two but I would leave it at that. Especially the senseless bashers who are obviously at it just to get under someones skin. IMO, this does not make me any less passionate about my hobby. Now, I do care enough to reply time and time again when sharing opinions and reasonalbly discussing a topic.

When dealing with attackers, I feel it can come to a point when "giving in" to attackers means responding again and again......playing into their hand like that is exactly what they wanted.

Even with personal attacks. Anyone can say anything in a forum. It's very easy to send persoanl attacks when there is no face to face confrontation. Any coward can do it. For this reason these types of attacks would mean absolutely nothing to me. People in general act a little different in person than on a forum.

Earlier in life I might have felt differently but now, I dont look at it as "backing down." Life is just much to short to waste on sending insults (either personal or hobby realted) back and forth over the internet.

I have a different outlook on life since I became a husband.....and especially a father.
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