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Cool Dooby Dooby Birthday Contest! NCAA! VCU/MICHIGAN

Giving away some random cards!
(NOTE: I will post other cards later tonight..some bigger basketball names and RPA's ....these are the only pictures i had available)

It's my Birthday tomorrow.

1. Winner of the first 2 questions gets a choice,
2nd place will get the choice of the remaining
I'll also throw in a few freebies to the two winners.

2. If the winner gets the first 3 questions EXACTLY correct will get either a nice $30-45 auto or assortment of autos or cards adding up to $50.

3. No editing posts. however if you left out an answer to a question, you can repost, but your repost will push you back in the posting order. 1 valid post per person.
Must provide the answers to the following:
1. Combined score of the VCU vs. Michigan Game
2. Winner of the Matchup
3. Exact Final Score of the VCU/Michigan Game
4. Which ONE do you prefer Baseball, basketball, football, sketches, or Benchwarmers

Deadline will be at tip-off. Have fun with this!



JAIME HAMMER 2007 Gold Edition Auto

garcon /50; castanzo /299;

clausen /499; edwards /699; mccluster /70; skelton /649

caldwelll /399; benson /50
Collecting Chicago Bulls/Chicago Bears/Tennis/Olympic/Golf
Benchwarmer/Non-sports Breaker here on BO.

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