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Originally Posted by middleinf View Post
I sent a message to him about the Gattis - thought they were interesting since there were no Gattis cards in Bowman Chrome. Read through the thread and did a little research. I think this is the "lot" that he is referring to when he states that he purchased them from another dealer.

Lot of 9 Sheets 62 Different Players Topps Uncut Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards | eBay

Could be wrong though - but that would explain why they appear mis-cut if he did the cutting himself.
Originally Posted by ohiomike View Post
Its in unique situations, not regular redemption cards that I'm aware of (though I don't know for sure that isn't happening as well). And yes, I personally know of someone receiving uncut sheets as a replacement.
Wow, that is amazing. So what was the situation that resulted in your friend receiving uncut sheets as replacements? Did they come with a COA like the Topps vault cards come from? Ive bought a few blank backs from the vault and each came with a coa. Hell i just bought a plain old base blank back and it cost me around $50, i would think a sheet of supers would be worth thousands. Thats a fantastic replacement if they are legit I know i would love to have a couple for the pc !
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