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Default The Blowout 48 hour challenge

Here's how it will work. The first person who can post in this thread, at least once per hour during every hour for 48 hours straight, I'll send you a bad ass card and/or do a 50/50 box split with you.

There it is homies. Who can handle it?

No cheating and having someone else post on your behalf. I can't check, but please be on the honor system.

I reserve the right to alter the rules of this challenge if someone does somethign douchey.

EDIT: Gotta help me out with it and post Hour 1, Hour 2, etc... at the top of your posts if you're trying it.

EDIT 2: Posts must be during an o'clock hour meaning anytime between 2:00 and 2:59, any time during 3:00 to 3:59. Posts do not have to be one hour apart.

EDIT 3: Armyatc22 has requested and be granted approval to run a contest within this contest. Here it is from the man himself.

Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
So since this might take awhile I'm going to post a contest inside this contest. I just got approval from Corbin and I want to give something away too.

So the first person to reach 24 hours and then confirmed by Corbin will win this card:

Good luck to all
T minus 5

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