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Originally Posted by dirtydistance View Post
I have an issue with false advertising as far as auto accept goes on people's sales. Today someone had a lot of cards priced cheap and I went in and spent a good hour picking and choosing cards to make the offer on, and then it doesnt auto accept..just went back on an checked the port was sold. Which is cool and all but don't lie to us and say auto accept when you're really just nitpicking offers!!!
are you making offers on people who are having sales? Those prices are different than asking prices and you can only make offers on the asking price and not the sales price. The auto accept is a little weird too depending if you are in advanced or simple mode. But there are sellers who will not honor their own ads so I would contact COMC if I were you and they will do something about it.

Comc makes it so easy now as it is free to set auto accept percentages so you don't even have to look if someone makes an offer in your auto-accept range. Mine is set for 20% off asking and anything over that I will have to look at, but nearly all my sales prices are more than 20% as I think my average sales % is 29% off of my asking right now. We had a good thread or 2 recently calling out comc dirtbags, buyers and sellers.
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