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Originally Posted by jtcswim87 View Post
And here are some of the reasons I like the NCAA:
- The fans/spirit that goes into it
- The tournament
- The games seem to be more exciting
- anything can happen
- The upsets
- the style of play
- the ranking system (may not appeal to most people, but I like to follow up on the rankings throughout the year)
- your fate does not depend on your recruiting class (see 2012-2013 Kentucky Wildcats)
- There isn't any trading or free agency to worry about
- The Cinderellas
- My favorite team is actually good

Some of these, along with the NBA reasoning, may be opinionated, but this is an opinionated thread, so I guess it fits
your last reason is the only one you had to put down really, you pick college because your team you root for is good and your nba team sucks, if the cavs were still good you would be saying nba all the way
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