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Originally Posted by pingbling23 View Post
more then 2 teams have a chance and there are surprises. i always enjoy the playoffs/finals even if my team isnt in it. the refs in college favor the home teams and stars just like in the pros. miami is one of the best teams ever assembled, ofcourse there is going to be alot of talk about them. there is always alot of talk about the best teams in the league. its just like in college when in past years all you hear about is unc, duke, ky, etc.
I probably used the wrong word when I said "no one care by the end of it," but I guess I am haut speaking for everyone else. As for the statement you made about the college teams being highlighted, they are in no way being featured as much as the Heat or Lakers. I have never seen a .500 team get so much attention. And it is that kind of drama that steers me away.
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