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Originally Posted by jtcswim87 View Post
Here are some reasons why I am against the NBA:
- The cavs suck
- It is a battle between 2 teams and no one else has a chance because they didn't reel in any huge free agents
- The playoffs last 2 months and nobody cares by the end of it unless your team is in it
- there are no surprises
- Wayyyyyyyyy too much drama
- The refs completely favor the star players and teams. It seems as of every time Lebron drives the lane, there is automatically a foul called
- everything circles around the Miami Heat and sometimes the Lakers

All the reason that you mentioned make me hate NBA. I will add in my general disdain for Lamebron ( not questioning talent, just hate "look at me" a holes). The last NBA game I watched was Game 5 of the 2004 finals.

NCAA is by far and a way a better game to watch. The drama lies in e game itself, not with the overpaid egotists who think they actually make a meaningful contribution to humanity.
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