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Originally Posted by ohiomike View Post
Its in unique situations, not regular redemption cards that I'm aware of (though I don't know for sure that isn't happening as well). And yes, I personally know of someone receiving uncut sheets as a replacement.
Originally Posted by ohiomike View Post
Its neither. These are coming out the front door of Topps. They use these uncut sheets in unique instances to replace other items owed to collectors. I would put money on the fact the origin of each and every one of these sheets was knowingly mailed out by Topps.
Originally Posted by BostonBruinsFan View Post
Yup, I cal #@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@e on that one. If his "friend" got one it was in some shady way.
Originally Posted by pigeonsbaseball View Post
Im still waiting for the answer on "the friend" that got these absolutely "out the front door" "replacement cards" from topps.

I agree completely with others and i call total bs, topps is not releasing uncut superfractor sheets and until i hear it from the person who got them i dont believe it. If they were legit i dont know why there would be any reason not to give more info on this.

I know there are a few uncut sheets that have gone out but they are completely disclosed, are not missing autos, and deinitely arent supers.

Originally Posted by pigeonsbaseball View Post
So you are you saying Brad is "your friend" that received the uncut sheet? You also state that you are sure uncut super sheets are coming out the front door of topps. Because it doesnt say anything but he received it doesnt say as a replacement and for what. Or is it davepeters?

If that is the case it or even if it isnt, it would be a lot easier to answer the question about "your friend" and the scenario in which he received them then being a condescending ass with your smily faces and links. Ive read the threads and they dont answer my question.

I asked a simple question it takes a simple answer which i havent received.

So Pretty please with sugar on top.....What "special circumstance" did "your friend" receive an uncut sheet?

Why are you guys putting "friend" in quotes. Its not a word I used. I like Brad just fine, and I suppose I consider him a friend if you can have a friend you've never met... but the fact remains, thats your word and I'm not sure why it started being used nor do I know why its being put it quotes every time its used.

I don't feel the need to comment any further because the resident lynch mob already seems riled up enough by all this and you guys have obviously already decided that your assumptions are correct. They are not, but that won't keep you from going after whoever you can about this topic. Brad or anyone else in the situation of receiving uncut sheets of rare sets shouldn't be put in a position to have to answer to you or anyone else. Topps sent these sheets out the front door to make up for various open issues they have with people, and those people should be able to do with the sheets whatever they want.

I have no inside information about the origin of the superfractor sheets specifically, but its not much of a leap to assume Topps would send something like that when I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they've used other rare 1/1 parallel sheets (unnumbered) to make things right with collectors. Should Topps be doing this? Hell no, IMO. But they are. And if a person receives an uncut sheet from Topps instead of something else of value they were supposed to receive, winning a contest, or whatever other reasons Topps sends these sheets out, its the owners right to do with them whatever they want.

If you want more info, go to the people that have said they've personally received sheets. I only know the facts about a couple cases based on what they've said online. I know it might be unusual for someone on BO forums to actually be speaking facts and not just speaking out of their a$$, but the facts are what they are. If anyone wants to question those facts, thats fine, but at least know what you're putting in quotes if you're sarcastically trying to belittle the person giving you some facts about a topic.
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