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I voted for NBA.

Some of the NBA games are just fantastic level of play. Passing, shooting, dunking, moving without the ball. Not all games are great, but I find the NBA game so much more enjoyable to watch. I prefer non-playoff games, when the crowd is quiet and the players are focused on the team game.

For anyone that saw the Illini beat Colorado in the first round, the 2nd half of that game was the worst half of basketball I ever watched. Worse than many high school games. Ok, maybe it wasn't the worst, some pee-wee games might be worse. Timid players throwing the ball around the perimeter for 35 seconds, coaches calling timeouts every minute and a half to try and get the players some confidence, players standing and watching without the ball, more timeouts for TV commercials, 3 made field goals in the ENTIRE half, more time outs to talk about the missed field goals and what on earth they are going to do about them, more time outs, knowing that we'll probably win not because we are good, but only because the other team sucks worse than us. Sometimes I just can't stand watching NCAA hoops.
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