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Hi all,

sorry for the late response had to do some night shore stuff so the wifey wont get mad...hehe

happy wife happy life as they say...

Anyway, base on my count of the people who ordered and the quantities they ordered I believe they are out of Helheims.

The reason I did this through PM is to let others share as well. It is not being a lurker and all but it is also a way of giving back. Indy gives out picks and tips and many people benefited but those tips didn't come easy. Research was done and time was given for it.

It took me an hour or 2 to see this and gave out the advice. I just pm'ed the people who I saw was constantly sharing tips as well. I somehow felt bad already that regulars are the one who keep losing their share.

I encourage everyone then now to share and research for bargains or snags so we can have an even greater community here in BO.

*For some other regulars who didn't receive my PM I do apologize...I think the comma division I used was wrong or something. I'll be sure to add you in the next PM list.

For you to be included in the list, please do share. If I see you also researching and sharing stuff I'd include you in my PM list. I will still be on the lookout and share generally on the boards but for premium stuff/hot comics like Helheim, I'll do the PM list for now. Once again, for you to be included, please just research and share.. That simple
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