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Originally Posted by skel1977 View Post
Maybe Im greedy or thinking about this backwards but i dont care who knows where i buy my stuff. Im glad that books sell out online, especially when i am holding a bunch of them. That just means someone who wants one real bad is going to have to go through the secondary market to buy one and might just buy one from me.

I realize that someone buying 100 copies sucks for other people who are looking to get their hand on just 1 copy.

However its not like we dont discuss "hot" upcoming titles when they are still available for pre order for less than cover price. Helheim was one of these books that we did discuss and told people to pre order them. If they dont take the advice or missed the post I really dont feel bad for them. If you really wanted one or 20 you should have been pro active and pre ordered them like the rest of us.

Just one of many posts on this book before it sold out
again, I don't care about the particular book, I care about another potential source to get books.
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