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Originally Posted by Fleurycup09 View Post
Why is everyone so down on MAF. DO we all forget the man won a Cup? Fleury may not be a shutdown lights out goalie but he fits Pit perfectly. He makes big saves when needed and the Pens are so high scoring that they can afford for him to let in a few softies a game.

One thing I will say is they should put him on a 3 foot leash in the net because EVERYTIME he leaves to play the puck its an automatic scoring chance for the opponent. How has he not learned to play a puck in all his time in the NHL is beyond me.
I'm not a Fleury hater, but my biggest problem isn't neccessarily with him, it's with the people who LOVE the guy. Many people feel he's one of the league's elite goalies, which he is not. Is he a good goalie? Yes. Could be benefit from a team that has a better system and is better defensively? Absolutely. However, he's starting to put up much better numbers the past few weeks, as not suprisingly, the team in front of him is playing much better defensive hockey.

My biggest reason for being down on him personally is the soft goals he lets in. All goalies allowe a soft goal or two from time to time, but MAF allows it to happen WAY too often. He'll make one of the most athletic, impressive saves, then follow it up by allowing a goal on a shot that 5 out of 8 mite goalies would stop. I also look back to his last 3 playoff performances:

09-10 : Let in some very bad goals vs Ottawa in the 1st round, then was just atrocious in Games 6 + 7 in the Montreal series, allowing a goal on the first shot in both. Ugly, ugly goalkeeping. .891 Save % overall.

10-11 : Yes, I know the team didn't have Sid + Geno. Fleury still played poorly, posting an .899 Save %, and allowed some soft goals.

11-12 : No need to even discuss that.

You're right about his puck handling abilities. He appeared to have actually improved on this during the off season, as he hasn't looked awful this season handling the puck. Last night though, HWOAAH!! Bad!!
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