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Default UD vs Topps vs Donruss

I think the idea of an selling and exclusive license to 1 manufacturer was a terrible idea by MLB, and came at an even worse time for the hobby. I realize there was an overabundance of product a few years ago. Why not put in the licensing agreements that use of MLB logos etc is for say 6 sets per year? In the last month, we have had way too many sets thrust on an ever shrinking collector base. Bowman Sterling, Topps Sterling, Tribute, Ultimate, National Treasures, Chicle, BDPP, 2010 Topps, 2010 UD. I spend 200-400 per week on boxes. I am taking a break to figure out what I want to collect.

Topps is the company that needs to be taken to task. Tribute, TTT, and Sterling are all very similar products. Relics with low numbering, sticker autos, high end. Why not just make Triple Threads and one more high end product later in the year? Instead, we have the same players, same relics, same auto's crammed down our throats. Topps DOES NOT use authentic pieces either. Seat relics in Tribute is one example. They have been doing this for years.

Ultimate is the best product to arrive in a long time Everyone is happy with it. Let them keep selling it, maybe Topps could take a lesson from it.

Non high end Topps products are cheap, loaded with bad and unecessary inserts (turkey red, own the game, legends of the game, topps town - on an on), thin cards, and are generally unsatisfying. I actually liked the 206 product. Now there are no bids on ebay for these cards that came out only a few months ago. We didn't even have time to digest Unique before that was left in the dust.

Ginter anyone? Goodwin? Legendary Cuts? Anyone? These are less than a year old! No bids.
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