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Originally Posted by mcq91 View Post
where did you hear the zherdev for howard rumor? with macdonald shipped off to Boston, I thought that cleared the way for howard once hasek finally retires. would they sell off their future in net for a guy like zherdev? or is there someone else in the ranks? certainly not Liv??
Jim Howard took a huge step back in 06-07. After what he did at Maine and the near-dominant year he had in the AHL in 05-06, the Wings expected big things from him in 06-07. He choked. Mediocre year, but he didn't play like the guy who was making the Wings question whether they would re-sign Hasek after 06-07. His play in 06-07 left the Wings with huge questions in net.

Liv's now 27 and just signed in Sweden, IIRC. There was a time when he was the heir apparent in Detroit. That ship has sailed.

There is nothing between the pipes in the Wings' system, and Holland has made it obvious that he's going to buy his goalies rather than develop them (and with good reason - other than Datsyuk and Zetterberg, he hasn't produced any other quality NHLers through the Draft since taking the reigns in 1998 - Fischer was on his way, but his career was cut short)
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