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Originally Posted by packsmashers View Post
Little Known facts about Kellen Moore:

1. Kellen invented standing in line.
2. Kellen delivered himself at birth.
3. Kellen only answers to the nick names of "Pistol Pete", " 'lil Bit Moore", and "Hey! Aren't you that one guy?"
4. Kellen once stopped a speeding train with only the power of his mind.
5. Kellen has turned down the Nobel Peace Prize...thirteen consecutive times.
6. Kellen has a love for english muffins...sprinkled with the sweat of winners.
7. Kellen may or may not be the head of the New World Order.
8. Kellen once shot a man in Reno. Just to watch him die.
9. Kellen trains in the off season by biking the tour de France. Blind-folded... and backwards.
10. Kellen is the love child of Zues and a unicorn. Thus giving him the strength of 20 men and a stunning head of hair. (It also allows him to turn invisable when no one is looking.)

So now you know a little more about moore.
I'm confused. I could have sworn Tebow did all these things

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