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Here's what I've picked up in the past 2 weeks. First are some cards I picked up from Monkey McGee (thanks for the great deal!):

Black Widow Marvel Premier sketch by Elvin Hernandez (AP)
Lady Death sketches by Mike Vasquez and Mary Bellamy

Then some sketches I picked up for my Captain America set:

Red Skull by Hector Sevilla
Wasp by Frank Kadar
Captain America by John Haun

Captain America by Cal Slayton
Tony Stark (or Jonah Jameson?) by Wendi Chew
Baron Zemo by Remi Dousset

My next update will be an exciting one for me, I picked up a couple of sketches by Amber Shelton that she listed on ebay, I have 3 great Star Wars ROTBH sketches on the way for my set, and I have my first commissions on the way (from Mark Bloodworth). I'm excited to see what he came up with from my suggestions!
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