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Originally Posted by riotgear View Post
Unfortunately, at this point, we probably won't be doing a Nascar special at this time. One of the reasons we do the specials is to get in quickly items that:
a) we sell a lot of
b) are easy to identify

Unfortunately, racing still does not sell enough to justify a reduced processing fee. Tim has an equation that he looks at as to how many we get in as opposed to how many sell, and racing has not hit that magic number yet.

That is not to say we want to stop selling racing cards. Quite the contrary, in fact. We would love to increase sales of racing. We're just trying to figure out how to get this here.
Is that the same reason you have not added non-sport? I know a lot of people have mentioned that there really isn't a good price guide for non-sport and that may be one of the reasons since how your site works.

I would think that if you just went by NSU even though the prices are all over the place it would be a start.
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