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Originally Posted by matthewevan View Post
Nope!! I dont know who picked that up but they got a steal. I was watching that one and said..i will be home to i dont need to set an auto bid.. we all know how that goes..i totally forgot about it and logged on my computer about twenty minutes after it ended..i would have definitely bid more..and i am not even a GSP fan..
Yeah same here. You know I love Silva, and I don't really like GSP, but I would have bid more than that, I fell asleep, and woke up an hour later, saying to myself, "Sucks I missed it, but Matt probably won it" lol. I thought it would have went to $1500, but for under a grand, I would have bought it to use towards a trade for a Silva red ink.

Do you happen to have any rarer Joe Lauzon cards? Maybe any rubies? I am trying to put together a Lauzon Super collection and have more than 50% of his cards, I really only need his rubies and 1/1's, and I think 2 or 3 /88's. LMK on here or BMMAC
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