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Originally Posted by TASS View Post
Just remember Goaltending typically wins in the playoffs, the Pens will be in many high scoring games, all it takes is a few soft goals to lose!

MAF has been playing well as of late, but I would still be concerened if he has a few 'bad' games especially in the playoffs, Pens are peaking right now and they have improved their lineup more so than everyone, but I'm not handing the cup to them, still have to play the games!!
I have more faith in MAF than most Pens fans - I don't think he's elite, but I think he's a better big-game goalie than he's given credit for. I still say he was fatigued last year in the playoffs, and he didn't get much help from the D. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for last year, but he has no excuses this year - it's Cup or bust. The way the team has been playing defense lately there may not be as many high scoring Pens games as you're used to seeing.
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