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The past two days I've had some great maildays. First up are three cards I got in trade for some Blood and Glory sketches:

Bianca Thompson Wonderland AE
She-Hulk Marvel Bronze Age sketch by Matias Streb
Black Widow Marvel Bronze Age sketch by Studio Mia

Next up are some sketches by Amber Shelton that she had listed on ebay:

Tank Girl
2x Zombies vs Cheerleaders

It was also cool of Amber to draw on the mailer:

I also got in 4 cards for my Star Wars ROTBH set:

Cad Bane by Martheus Wade (a single to replace a puzzle piece in my set)
Cad Bane by Sarah Wilkinson (return)

Cad Bane by Denise Vasquez (return)
Embo by Grant Gould

Finally, I got in my first commissions, by Mark Bloodworth. Mark had posted a couple of auctions on ebay, and I bid on both, but I didn't really expect to win them. I did, then had to think for a couple of days to come up with ideas, since he wouldn't do copyrighted characters on the 5finity Creator's Line sketch blanks.

For the first one, I thought back to playing Magic the Gathering in college 20 years ago (wow, has it really been 20 years? man, I'm getting old!). One of the most iconic cards, and one of my favorites, was the Serra Angel. Over the years, there have been many versions of art on this card, but the original is still the best, so I based my choice on it. I just wanted her to be updated with a sexier outfit and with a flaming sword:

For the second card, I asked Mark to turn one of my favorite Benchwarmer models into a sexy nude vampire:

I'm very happy with my first commissions, Mark did a great job taking my ideas and turning them into sketch cards. Let me know what you think!
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